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KIJK app nu ook beschikbaar op Hisense televisies


KIJK app now also available on Hisense televisions

Hisense recently introduced the KIJK app for televisions in the Netherlands. The addition of this Talpa Network app makes watching television even more fun and easier. The KIJK app is now accessible on all Hisense televisions with the smart TV platform Vidaa U 4.0.

In addition to international apps such as Netflix and YouTube, users of Hisense televisions have free access to programs from TV channels such as SBS6, Net5, Veronica and SBS9 with the KIJK app. Content from other Talpa Network brands, such as LINDA and Stuk TV, is also accessible via the KIJK app.

NPO Start will be available later this month and NLZIET will also be added in the near future. This means that the consumer always has all the desired content at their fingertips.